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tree surgery

Tree surgery

Here at Hobart Tree Chipping & Recycling, tree surgery is our speciality, and our experts are fully trained in the art of safe tree pruning and removal. Our team can perform a wide range of services around the greater Hobart area for clients large and small.
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Tree felling

When it comes to tree surgery, the team at Hobart Tree Chipping & Recycling can take care of the job with precision and safety. Our experienced team is great at removing overhanging branches or entire trees. If you have a large, old tree on your property that is worrying you, you cannot afford to wait.

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tree surgery

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stump removal

Stump removal

If you have tried DIY stump removal before, you probably will have discovered that the tree's roots go much deeper and further than you originally thought. Luckily, the team at Hobart Tree Chipping & Recycling has a range of expert techniques and the right equipment to remove even the deepest stumps. Old stumps in your yard can be an unsightly mess so call our team today and we will have your yard looking great in no time.
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Pruning and hedge trimming

A healthy hedge is a good looking hedge and is often one of the first things people notice when they visit your house. We understand that with your busy lifestyle, you probably don't have time to worry about maintaining your garden. This is where the team at Hobart Tree Chipping & Recycling can help. After our team is finished with it, your hedge will be the envy of your neighbours: neat and green.
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pruning and hedge trimming
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